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Liste des bandes / franc-tireurs

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MessagePosté le: Mer 26 Juin 2013 10:43 am    Sujet du message: Liste des bandes / franc-tireurs Répondre en citant

The Rules Grading System
1a Official Games Workshop rules.
1b Unofficial, but released through GW.
Otherwise professional quality.
1c Experimental, not released through
GW. Approved of by people who
have previously submitted level 1a or
1b material and who vouch for its
professional quality.
2 Reliable, created and tested by fans.
Approved of by their gaming group.
3 Draft, New rules that are written
down clearly but have not yet been tested properly


Amazons (new version) TC23 1b
Amazon Warband TC15/LUS 1b
Arabian Tomb Raiders TC20/KHE 1b
Arabian Tribes (Ghutani, Muzil, Turjuk)
Averlander Mercenary Warbands TC10/MHA 1a
Beastmen Raiders (old version) TC7 1b
Beastmen Raiders TC29/EIF 1a
Black Orcs FO91/NC 1b
Bretonnian Warbands TC8 1b
Carnival of Chaos, The TC27/EIF 1a
Clan Pestilens TC29/FO32 1b
Clan Skryre FO97/REL 3
Cult of the Possessed MHR 1a
Da Mob Roolz (see Orcs & Goblins Warband)
Dark Elf Warband TC12/LUS 1b
Dwarf Rangers FO91/NC 1b
Dwarf Treasure Hunters TC04/MHA 1a
Fallen, The FO97/REL 3
Forest Goblins FO91/NC 1b
Ghutani FO97/REL 3
Gunnery School of Nuln FO91/NC 1b
Hochland Bandits FO91/NC 1b
Horned Hunters, The FO91/NC 1b
Imperial Outriders FO91/NC 1b
Kislevite Warband TC16/MHA 1a
Lizardman Warband TC11/LUS 1b
Marauders of Chaos BTB, LOD2 2
Marienburgers MHR 1a
Middenheimers MHR 1a
Miragleans TC14/LUS 1b
Muzil FO97/REL 3
Necrarchs, the Soul Stealers LOD1 2
Norse Warband TC13/LUS 1b
Orcs & Goblins Warband TC6/MHA 1a
Ostlander Mercenary Warbands TC11/MHA 1a
Outlaws Of the Stirwood Forest, The TC29 1b
Pirates (see Shiver me Timbers !)
Pit Fighters TC14 1b
Pit Fighters (new version) TC21 1b
Protectorate of Sigmar LOD3 2
Reiklanders MHR 1a
Remasens TC14/LUS 1b
Shadow Warriors (see Sons of Nagarythe)
Shiver me Timbers! TC9/FO65 1b
Sisters of Sigmar, The MHR 1a
Skaven MHR 1a
Sons of Nagarythe, The TC10/MHA 1b
Sorcerous Society Warband LOD4 2
Tilean Warband (see Miragleans, Remasens, Trantios)
Tomb Guardians TC18/KHE 1b
Trantios TC14/LUS 1b
Turjuk FO97/REL 3
Undead, The MHR 1a
Vampire Hunters of Sylvania LOD5 2
Witch Hunters MHR 1a

Hired Sword

Arabian Merchant (see Many Bargains, Much Cheapness!)
Bard TC13 1b
Beast Hunter EIF/28 1a
Beggar FO94 3
Big Game Hunter TC13/LUS 1b
Black Orc Overseer FO91/NC 1b
Bounty Hunter TC13 1b
Chameleon Skink TC12/LUS 1b
Clan Skryre rat Ogre TC21b
Crimashin FO97/REL 3
Cursed Hillman FO49 2
Dark Elf Assassin TC12/LUS 1b
Duelist TC13 1b
Dwarf Pathfinder FO91/NC 1b
Dark Jester (see Let the Daemon have the Last Laugh)
Dark Mage LOD6 2
Dwarf Slayer Pirate FO45 3
Dwarf Treasure Hunter FAN8 1a
Dwarf troll slayer MHR 1a
Elf Mage (see It’s a Kind of magic)
Elf ranger MHR 1a
Emissary of Chaos FO94 3
Estalian Diestro LOD2 2
Fallen Sister FO25 2
Fortune Hunters (see Duelist, Bard, Bounty Hunter, Witch)
Freelancer MHR 1a
From Across the Steppes… FAN6 1a
Goblin Lantern Bearer FO89 3
Gravesman LOD5 2
Halfling Knight FO94 3
Halfling scout MHR 1a
Halfling thief FAN7 1a
Highwayman TC26/EIF 1a
Holy Man FO97/REL 3
Human Scout FO91/NC 1b
Imperial Assassin TC6/MHA 1a
Imperial Tactican FO94 3
It’s a Kind of magic FAN5 1a
Kislev Ranger (see From Across the Steppes…)
Let the Daemon have the Last Laugh FO17 3
Many Bargains, Much Cheapness! TC22 1a
Merchant, The (see Many Bargains, Much Cheapness!)
Mule Skinner TC14/MHA/EIF 1b
Nomad Scout TC19/KHE 1b
Norse Shaman TC12/LUS 1b
Ogre bodyguard MHR 1a
Ogre Slave Master FO89 3
Old Prospector FO91/NC 1b
Pathfinder TC12/LUS 1b
Pit fighter MHR 1a
Priest of Morr TC12 1b
Roadwarden TC26/EIF 1a
Runesmith Journeyman FO91/NC 1b
Shadow Warrior TC13/LUS 1b
Show me the Money
(see Imperial Assassin, Tilean Marksman)
Slavers FO97/REL 3
Snake Charmer TC19/KHE 1b
Swashbuckler FO94 3
Thief TC19/KHE 1b
Tilean Marksman TC6/MHA 1a
Tomb Robber TC19/KHE 1b
Warlock MHR 1a
Warrior Priest of Sigmar TC28 1b
Witch TC13 1b
Witch Hunter FO91/NC 1
Wolf Priest TC8 1b
Wood Elf Hunter LOD2 2

Dramatis Personae

Abdul Alhazred, the Mad Sorcerer TC21/KHE 1b
Aenur, the sword of twilight MHR 1a
Armen Abbas, master scholar… FO97/REL 3
Bertha Bestraufrung MHR 1a
“Busty” Gwen FO89 3
Countess Marianna Chevaux TC22 1a
Crow Master, The TC25 1b
Dijin Katal, The Renegade Assassin TC15/LUS 1b
Drenok Johansen TC15/LUS 1b
Heinrich ’Altdorf’ Schmidt TC21/KHE 1b
Johann the knife MHR 1a
Khar-mel the Djinn TC21/KHE 1b
Maurice Schleige FO89 3
Nicodemus, the cursed pilgrim MHA 1a
Penthesilea, Mark of the Serpent TC15/LUS 1b
Revenge is Eternal… (see Marianna Chevaux)
Twisted Tale of the Foole, Maurice Schleige, The
(see Maurice Schleige)
Ulli & Marquand TC13/MHA 1a
Marianna Chevaux TC22 1a
Maximilian the Mad FO91/NC 1b
Veskit, high executioner MHR 1a
William Schäkestange LOD4 2

Légende :

ALB Albion setting (in Town Cryer 15)
BTB Border Town Burning Supplement
EIF Empire in Flames Supplement
FAN Fanatic Magazine
FO Fanatic Ondine
LOD Letters of the Damned ezine
LUS Lustria – Cities of Gold Supplement (TC 10-15)
KHE Khemri – The Land of the Dead Supplement (TC 16-21)
MHA Mordheim Annual 2002
MHR Mordheim Rulebook
NC Mordheim Nemesis Crown Supplement
REL Relics of the Crusades
TC Town Cryer Magazine

Officielles :

Amazons (new version) TC23 1a
Averlander Mercenary Warbands TC10/MHA 1a
Beastmen Raiders TC29/EIF 1a
Carnival of Chaos, The TC27/EIF 1a
Cult of the Possessed MHR 1a
Dwarf Treasure Hunters TC04/MHA 1a
Kislevite Warband TC16/MHA 1a
Marienburgers MHR 1a
Middenheimers MHR 1a
Orcs & Goblins Warband TC6/MHA 1a
Ostlander Mercenary Warbands TC11/MHA 1a
Reiklanders MHR 1a
Sisters of Sigmar, The MHR 1a
Skaven MHR 1a
Undead, The MHR 1a
Witch Hunters MHR 1a
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